NeRain is a network of volunteers who report rainfall from a large area, including the Platte. Republican, Blue and Loup River Basins. Sponsors are the North Platte NRD and 12 other natural resources districts in Nebraska. Funding comes from the NRDs and the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

Wanted: Weather Watchers

  • Do you pay attention to the weather?
  • Do you want a free rain gauge for your back yard?
  • Would you be willing to submit daily reports of rain or snow amounts?

If the answer is yes, the North Platte NRD and NeRain (the Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network) can use your help.

Help Make an Impact

Farmers and others need greater and more accurate rain, snow and hail data. Local citizens can help, and with minimal effort can gather vital data about local storms not available from any other source.

Each NeRain volunteer receives a high-quality backyard rain gauge and reporting forms. The NRD provides training. Volunteers agree to transmit precipitation reports daily via the internet to the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, where climate analysts process data and prepare detailed maps showing rainfall patterns.

NeRain data will supplement information from the National Weather Service, and will improve daily decision-making information for agriculture, industry, home water use, utility providers, insurance companies, resource managers and educators. NeRain information will be updated daily and available for public access at

Get Involved

To volunteer contact the North Platte NRD office at (308) 632-2749. Need additional help? Contact Carolyn Hudson at (308) 632-2749 for your NeRain needs.


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