Conservation Programs


The North Platte NRD has many different programs to help the residents of the District become better stewards of our natural resources. Ranging from conservation tree planting and cost-share on livestock watering systems to flow meters and education outreach, the North Platte NRD’s programs are open to anyone living within the District. 

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Cost Sharing

The programs are designed with a cost-sharing component, where the recipient will pay for the costs upfront, and then will get reimbursed after the work is completed. The NRD also works with many different governmental agencies and organizations to provide cost-share programs.  The NRD works closely with the National Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), the Nebraska Department of Resources (NDR), Pheasants Forever, and others.

Services to Landowners

The NRD also provides different services to assist landowners in their conservation efforts. The services include:

  • Tree windbreak planning and planting
  • Flowmeter installation and maintenance
  • Education opportunities for both children and adult groups

Applications for the various programs can be found on the individual program's web page. For more information, contact the North Platte NRD office at 308-632-2749.

More Conservation Programs:

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Conservation Cost Share Programs

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Other Conservation Efforts

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