Public Relations


The North Platte NRD utilizes a wide range of paid and unpaid media to help inform our constituents.

Traditional Media Outlets

The NRD issues press releases to the traditional media (television, radio, and newspaper).

The North Platte NRD can be heard on KNEB every Monday throughout the day. This program provides listeners with an update on news, NRD programs, NRD projects, and other pertinent bits of information.

The NRD has also submitted quest columns to newspapers when a major, natural resource-related issue has been in the public discussion. Our news releases are provided to area news outlets, including radio, television, and newspapers. For more information about these releases, contact the North Platte NRD at 308-632-2749

Social Media

The NRD has dove headfirst into social media and other technological arenas. You can find the NRD on both Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram. We will also be expanding into social halls shortly.

More Resources

For more resources and information on the public relations aspect of the NRD, please get in touch with the NPNRD at (308) 632-2749.

More Public Relations: