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Soil Health Resources

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SOIL Soil (True Books: Natural Resources) 9-­?12
978-­?0516293684 Christin Ditchfield The World Beneath Our Feet: A Guide to

Life in the Soil 9-­?12 978-­?0195139907 James B. Nardi Alvin Silverstein, Virginia

Life in a Bucket of Soil 4-­?8 978-­?0486410579 Silverstein

Dirt: Jump Into Science 4-­?8 978-­?0792282044 Steve Tomecek

An Earthworm’s Life 4-­?8 978-­?0516265353 John Himmelman

A Handful of Dirt 9-­?12 978-­?0802786982 Raymond Bial
A Harvest of Color: Growing a Vegetable Garden 978-­?1929927319 Melanie Eclare

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew 978-­?0439560658 Lynne Cherry

Lily’s Garden 978-­?0761326533 Deborah Kogan Ray

A Log’s Life 978-­?1416934837 Wendy Pfeffer

Mother Earth and Her Children 978-­?1933308180 Sibylle von Olfers

A Place to Grow 978-­?1931969079 Stephanie Bloom

Dirt: The Scoop on Soil K-­?4 1404800123 Natalie M. Rosinsky

Soil K-­?4 0736809546 Adele D. Richardson

How We Use Soil 4-­?8 978-1410906069, Carol Ballard

SOIL! Get the Inside Scoop gr 4-­?6 780891188483 David L. Lindbo & others

Know Soil Know Life 6 and up SSSA

DIG IT! The Secrets of Soil Prek-­?3   

Soil to Spoon BIG Book Prek-­?3    

Soil and Water 8 and up 978-­?0766027350 Robert Gardner

Toil in the Soil 4 and up 978-­?0761318071 Michelle Myers Lackner

Experiments with Soil 8 and up 978-­?1432953690 Christine Taylor-­?Butler

Step-­?by-­?Step Experiments With Soils 978-­?1609735920 Gina Hagler

Rocks and Soil  978-­?0750216005 Maria Gordon

Earthworms Life 5 and up  978-­?0516265353 John Himmelman

Soil 7 and up 978-­?0822566229 Sally Walker

Super Soils 8 and up 978-­?1604537475 Christine Petersen

Different Kinds of Soil 8 and up 978-­?0778754138 Molly Aloian

Materials Soil 4 and up 978-­?1432916329 Cassie Mayer

Juniors Soil 7 and up 978-­?1410303110 Elaine Pascoe

Using Soil 5 and up 978-­?1403493217 Sharon Katz Cooper

Soil A resource our world depends on 9 and up 978-­?1403456182
Ian Graham

Super Cool Science Experiments: Soil 8 and up 978-­?1602795266
Vickie Franchino

Life in the Soil 7 and up 978-­?1410301246 John Farndon

Soil Basics 4 and up 978-­?1429671101 Mari Schuh

Micro Life In Soil 8 and up 978-­?0778754152 Natalie Hyde

Microlife that lives in Soil 4 and up 978-­?1410918512 Steve Parker

The Amazing Dirt Book 6 and up 978-­?0201550962 Paulette Bourgeois