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North Platte NRD Receives $750,000 Grant for Telemetry

The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) is pleased to announce its award of a $750,000 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (Trust) to expand the Data Access and Monitoring Program (DAMP). This program will provide telemetry units to producers/landowners free of charge, with the goal of reading ground water flow meters remotely.

Producers and landowners will benefit from being provided real-time information to aid in their management decisions.  Utilizing the water usage information, in addition to information that can be added on to the additional sensor ports in the unit (moisture sensors, evapotranspiration gauges, or weather data sensors) will make landowners and operators more efficient.  They will be given unique, password protected login information, and their specific data will remain private.

For more information on the project, chick here to view the press release.

Click here to visit the Nebraska Environmental Trust’s website.

Flow Meters Required for Fully Appropriated Area

Flow meter requirements for over-appropriated areas have been around since 2007; however, the board approved new requirements on fully-appropriated areas that must be completed by December 31, 2016. These requirements give the NRD important data to utilize for ground water models, otherwise known as the Western Water Use Management Model (WWUMM) which was created to help meet obligations under the Integrated Management Plan and the Platte River Recovery Program. Flow meters show an accurate depiction of what is happening on the ground that can be used with the WWUMM to simulate conditions in the aquifer. These predictions help the NRD to make decisions based on the best available data to save future water resources.

Click here to view the fully appropriated area.

NPNRD Photo Contest

The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) is excited to announce they have received a $4000 grant from the Scotts Bluff Area Visitors Bureau.  The grant money will be used as prize money for the NRD’s Conservation Photo contest.  The deadline for the first contest is 11:59 pm MDT on June 30th.

Click here to go to photo contest page!

Click here to view our winners!

Click here to see the official rules.

Interactive Recreational Mapping Application

The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) has developed a new interactive
Recreational Mapping Application.  The mapping application provides detailed information on several of the recreation areas in the district, activities, wildlife, photo opportunities, and much more.

Click here to go to the map!

Click here to go to out Recreation Mapping page!

Click here for some new changes made to the app!

NPRND Board Adopted Proposed Rule Changes

The North Platte NRD Board of Director adopted the proposed changes to the Rules & Regulations For the Enforcement of the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act.  They also adopted the proposed changes to the Chemigation rules.  The adopted changes are below.

Click Here for the North Platte NRD’s Rules & Regulations For the Enforcement of the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act (Index provided below)

  • Chapter 1 – General Provisions
  • Chapter 2 – Procedures for Enforcement
  • Chapter 3 - Certification of Ground Water Use
  • Chapter 4 – Installation and use of Flow Meters
  • Chapter 5 – Transfer of Ground Water
  • Chapter 6 - Allocation of Ground Water for the Overappropriated Portion of the District  (Excluding the Pumpkin Creek Basin Subarea)
  • Chapter 7 – Allocation of Ground Water for the Pumpkin Creek Basin Ground Water Management Subarea
  • Chapter 8 - Lisco-Oshkosh-Lewellen Ground Water Quality Management Subarea.

Click Here for the adopted Chemigation Rules


Hydrographs and Water Monitoring Interactive Maps

The North Platte NRD has one of the most extensive water monitoring programs in the country.  Staff collect data on ground water levels and water quality measurements routinely, and we have processed the data into an interactive map.  We have also developed animated timeline that shows our monitoring well program.  Click here to check out the timeline!

Monitoring Well Mapping 1

Click on the map above to see our interactive maps!



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The Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund has generously provided funds for North Platte NRD projects: the Aerial Geophysical (HEM) Survey .


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