Soil Sample Cost Share Project

Soil Sample Cost Share Project


May 15th, 2024 is the Deadline for this Cost Share

The North Platte NRD submitted a proposal to the Nebraska Environmental Trust and was awarded a matching funds grant to provide funds for a District-wide soil sampling cost-share program. This program was designed to provide an incentive for producers to share sampling data with the NRD to examine the variability of soil fertility within the district. Our intent is to evaluate samples geospatially on a township-wide basis. Applications and information are available at the NPNRD office,, and from your local Agronomy supplier.

To be eligible for the cost share of $25.00 per paired surface (0-6,0-8,0-10, or 0-12 max) and subsoil (to a minimum of 24 inches) samples must meet the following criteria.

  • Minimum of 13 probes/ 40 acres for both surface and subsoil samples.
  • Each probe location must be Geo-referenced.  
  • Surface sample must be analyzed as a complete sample.
  • Subsoil samples must be analyzed for Nitrogen only.
  • Samples must be identified to the quarter section. Example NE4-21,21N,51W, Morrill County
  • Analysis must be conducted by a certified soil laboratory.
  • Samples from both irrigated and dryland are eligible for cost share.
  • Multiple samples may be submitted with a single application.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Todd Filipi or Ken Ridgeway at the NPNRD 308-632-2749.