What is Drought?

Drought is a deficiency in precipitation over an extended period, usually a season or more, resulting in a water shortage causing adverse impacts on vegetation, animals, and/or people. It is a normal, recurrent feature of climate that occurs in virtually all climate zones, from very wet to very dry. Drought is a temporary aberration from normal climatic conditions, thus it can vary significantly from one region to another. Drought is different than aridity, which is a permanent feature of the climate in regions where low precipitation is the norm, as in a desert.

Human factors, such as water demand and water management, can exacerbate the impact that drought has on a region. Because of the interplay between a natural drought event and various human factors, drought means different things to different people. In practice, drought is defined in a number of ways that reflect various perspectives and interests.  

Defining Drought

NPNRD Community Drought Plan

The NPNRD Board of Directors has approved the North Platte NRD Community Drought Plan after stakeholders all over the District came together to participate in the District’s first-ever drought planning process.  These conversations, and the ideas they generated, have evolved into the current Drought Plan.

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Water Conservation Tips

It is important to look at some of the small things we do that can save water.  Little things can add up to big savings if we take the time to look.  These little adjustments can also help us save money!  Check out the link below to see all the different ways we can help conserve water.

100+ ways to conserve water

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