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The NPNRD Board of Directors has approved the North Platte NRD Community Drought Plan after stakeholders all over the District came together to participate in the District’s first-ever drought planning process.  This journey began in November 2016, with the successful staging of a Drought Tournament. The Drought Tournament provided an initial opportunity for stakeholders to begin discussing together the challenges and opportunities that NPNRD communities may face during drought. These conversations, and the ideas they generated, have evolved into the current Drought Plan.  Participating drought-planning stakeholders have brought to the planning process their own personal and sector-related definitions of drought vulnerabilities and impacts, as well as ideas for how to address them. Their efforts have resulted in a Community Drought Plan that addresses education, monitoring, and drought mitigation and response strategies.   This Community Drought Plan represents the combined efforts of planning stakeholders and NPNRD staff to address the needs of the NPNRD itself and the various communities that exist within its borders. 

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1st Drought Planning Group Meeting


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Boundaries Sharing Full Group Drought Meeting April 5th, 2017


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