Drought Articles

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"Crop Watcher: With no rain for two weeks, irrigation runs in Nebraska" By Krista Podany, Verdigre, Neb. Aug 27, 2020
'Nebraska experiencing drought conditions" Sarah Sivits Aug 22, 2020, Grand Island Independent
"Nebraska Farm Bureau offers resources for those impacted by drought" Aug 31, 2020, Star-Herald
"Parts of Nebraska seeing major drought for first time in 8 years" Matt Olberding Aug 17, 2020, Updated Aug 21, 2020
"Editorial: Nebraska must put a priority on flood prevention planning" Editorial staff Aug 26, 2020
"Drought Conditions Are Worsening Across Nebraska, And Farmers Shouldn't Expect More Rain Yet" by Christina Stella, NET News 2020
"Severe Drought Conditions Prompt Emergency Fish Salvage Declaration at Jumbo Reservoir" Monday, August 24th 2020, By Elic Chisam
"Drought taking a toll on Colorado agriculture “in all corners of the state” Denver Post 2020
"This giant climate hot spot is robbing the West of its water", By Juliet Eilperin; Photos by Carolyn Van Houten; Graphics by John Muyskens; AUG. 7, 2020
"Think Flash Floods Are Bad? Buckle Up for Flash Droughts", written by Matt Simon for Wired, March 2nd, 2020
"Water Into Swine: U.S. Using Less Water For Livestock Than In 1960", IANR Media Feb 24, 2020; written by Mesfin Mekonnen.

Planning and Drought by James C. Schwab, AICP, Editor