University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Water for Agriculture project and mail survey

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water for Agriculture project, in collaboration with local agencies and organizations, is now mailing short surveys to residents of the North Platte Region about their views on local water and agricultural issues.


The Water for Agriculture project, funded by the USDA’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture, is a community-led effort to identify and respond to water and agricultural issues important for area residents. The Water for Agriculture project in the Central Platte Region is part of a national project designed to bring together researchers, technical experts, local partners, Extension professionals, and communities to foster community-led solutions to the water and agriculture issues most important to them. Our goals are to:

Work in cooperation with five community-led working groups in Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Arizona – one of which is in the North Platte Region
Assist these working groups in identifying and addressing the water and agricultural issues that matter most to area residents
Study the impact of the community-led engaged approach used with these working groups to work on water and agricultural issues

The purpose of the mail survey is to identify the water and agricultural needs, concerns and priorities of those who live in the North Platte Region. This survey will ask about views on the quality of life, water quantity and quality issues, and programs and projects to address these issues. The results of this research will help guide local leaders and the many partners working in your area as they identify key issues of concern and opportunities for action.

If you receive a survey, please complete it so that those leading local efforts can better understand the area’s needs and concerns relative to water and agriculture. Please know your responses are completely confidential. We invite you to learn more about these activities by visiting our new website here: