North Platte NRD Partners on New Water App

  North Platte NRD Partners on New Water App


          The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) has partnered with Mammoth Trading to launch TAPP H2O, an app that allows irrigators to track their water use during the irrigation season.  The TAPP H2O app is another tool for producers to help reduce inputs and become more efficient with water use. 

          Producers simply open the app on a smartphone, snap a photo of a flow meter, and send it into Mammoth Trading through the app. Within 24 hours, producers will be emailed a groundwater use report. The report will show how much groundwater the producer used to date compared to their annualized and multi-year allocations, and gain insights about their irrigation efficiency. TAPP H2O works for standalone and pooled certifications. 

          TAPP H2O is available free for the first 500 meters enrolled in the program. Enrollment starts February 19th.  To enroll, contact Scott Schaneman at 632-2749 or go to the North Platte NRD’s website,,  for more information. 


For More Information please contact John Berge or David Wolf, 632-2749