Need for Nitrogen Management Advisory Group

Need for Nitrogen Management Advisory Group


             Currently, the NPNRD Board of Directors is reviewing changes to our District Rules and Regulations, which contain the nitrogen management controls across the entire District. Accounting for the elevating results of nitrate levels, the Board will be considering possible changes to the way commercial nitrogen is applied in this District. In order to receive input from constituents who may be affected by these changes, our Board has approved the establishment of a Nitrogen Management Advisory Group.

            This group will be established to provide insight and feedback on the pros and cons of the proposed changes in our nitrogen management Rules and Regulations so that our Board can institute Rules and Regulations that are truly the best management practices. Persons interested and willing to dedicate their time as a member of this group should apply to the District no later than January 25, 2019, by submitting a written biography and a statement as to why you should be considered as a member of this group. Members will be required to attend one meeting each month, beginning in February, until the Board feels they have received adequate input and information from the group, but shall not be required to serve for more than six (6) consecutive months.

             Members will be selected and appointed by the Board of Directors at the February 2019 Board meeting. Members will be selected at the Board’s discretion as follows:

Retail Fertilizer Sales & Service Representative 2 individuals representing different companies
Agronomy Consultants 2 individuals
Municipal Leadership 1 individual
Parks, Golf Course or Recreation Representative 1 individual
Retail Landscaping Services Representative 1 individual
Rural or Urban Resident Up to 5 individuals – 1 individual from each County within the District
Academic or Natural Resources Professional 1 individual

            Should you have any questions regarding application to the District, please contact our office at (308) 632-2749.

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