Forestry in the Panhandle

Forestry in the Panhandle


Below is a collection of Forestry News Updates relevant to our area.

"U.S. Forest Service Official: Forest Management Keeps Wildcat Hills Viable"; By KEVIN FINK Star-Herald Mar 7, 2020

Nebraska Shelterbelts and Trees


Let's take a look at Nebraska's shelterbelts and trees, the article Website details significance of Nebraska shelterbelts, KERRY HOFFSCHNEIDER Midwest Messenger Jan 5, 2020” Would be a great read for you. The above-mentioned article covers a great Story Map “Windbreaks of the Great Plains” that has great coverage over the Windbreaks of the Great Plains, The Dirty Past, Maturing, Mapping of the plains, the new life of trees today, as well as some additional information. The mentioned “The Dirty Past,” in the above article is the second tab of the story map.

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