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US (NE): Geothermal Greenhouse Brings Together Unusual Collection of Crops, Author: Jan Jacob Mekes, Publication Date: Jan 30, 2020

Bananas, passion fruit among plants being grown at North Platte NRD greenhouse, by Kamie Stephen; Star-Herald, Jan 6, 2020

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**Water** NTV News reports, “House approves $715 billion transportation, water bill.” Read more: 

**Drought** Scottsbluff Star-Herald reports, “Look at area drought conditions.” Read more: 

**Drought**10/11 News reports, “Drought moves further east, severe weather impacting Nebraska farmers.” Read more: 

**Drought** Business Insider reports, “Drought maps show the western US at its driest in 20 years – a ticking time bomb for even more fires and power failures.” Read more: 

**Drought** Penn Live reports, “Breaking down the effects of a drought that is affecting the entire Western U.S.” Read more: 

**Drought** ABC News reports, “Why water levels in megadrought-impacted Southwestern states have some experts concerned. Water has arguably become the most precious commodity on the West Coast.” Read more: 

**Drought** National Geographic reports, “Historic drought in the West is forcing ranchers to take painful measures. With no rain in sight, western ranchers are shrinking their herds.” Read more: 

**Wildfires** Lincoln Journal Star reports, “National Guard helicopters deployed to battle fires in Nebraska sparked by lightning.” Read more: 

**Wildfires** NPR reports, “New wildfires are at a 10-year high in the hot, dry western U.S.” Read more: 

**Wildfires** The Hill reports, “Biden announces new steps on wildfires: U.S. must ‘act fast.’ Read more: 

**Agriculture** UNL reports, “IANR launches Center for Agricultural Profitability. Center to focus on research, outreach, and education.” Read more: 

**Agriculture** reports, “Changes in farming practices could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2036.” Read more: 

**Agriculture** reports, “Senate Oks bill to certify farm practices limiting emissions.” Read more: 

“USDA Invests $285M to Improve National Forest and Grassland Infrastructure” News NEWS | March 8, 2021;

“The Subtle Science Behind Soil Aggregates; How Building Soil Structure Pays Long-Term Dividend.” By Bill Spiegel; 2/26/2021

"When tree pruning is appropriate" Curt Arens | Feb 04, 2021; Farm Progress

"Planting Trees in Rural Neighborhoods" By Steve Rasmussen; Nebraska Forest Service District Forester; Jan 21, 2021

"It's official: All of Nebraska is in drought for the first time in nearly 8 years" Nancy Gaarder; Jan 18, 2021; Omaha World-Herald 

"Study: Ranchers with drought plans make some pivotal moves sooner"  by Cory Matteson; NDMC Communication; UNL News; 1/5/21

"Conservation Reserve Program General Signup Begins Today and Ends February 12" Farm Service Agency; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE


The impact of climate change on Nebraska's water: Too much and too little”, Celeste Kenworthy For the Lincoln Journal Star Sep 28, 2020 

"Family Ranchers Had close Call with Wildfire"  Star Hearld; Danielle Prokop Sep 8, 2020

Nebraskans Observed Arbor Day Through Pandemics And War; April 24th, 2020; by Dan Swanson

2020 Water Tour, Nebraska Water Center conference postponed until 2021; by Dave Ostdiek, April 20, 2020

North Platte River Basin Snowmelt Runoff Expected to be Above Average, By Gary Stone; Nebraska Extension Educator; Apr 20, 2020

Irrigation District Receives Emergency Designation Saving Water Users $800K, By Chabella Guzman; April 20, 2020

LOOKING BACK: Turning on the water, By Jerry Purvis; Star-Herald; April 24th, 2020

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A Monthly Publication of the Nebraska Environmental Trust, NPNRD greenhouse recognition

 Eighth Annual “ACE” Camp scheduled

NRD to break ground Friday for Solar Greenhouse

Two locals named as Nebraska LEAD Fellows

BREWER: Natural Resource Districts and Property Taxes

North Platte NRD Plans to Construct Greenhouse, this information can also be found in the Washington Times as well as Nebraskans for Solar. 

Nebraska Water Leaders Share 'Good Stuff' About Projects, Programs

BREWER: Second Session of the 105th Legislature Session Almost Here

"The Story behind Nebraska's Natural Resources District System"