Virtual Classroom Needs?

Virtual Classroom Needs?  


Needing Fun Educational Ideas About the Outdoors? 

If you are in need of finding new ideas please check out and use any of the links and resources for students & teachers that can be found on our website on our Educational Links and Resources here. This link is for any educational needs that you may have, over a variety of topics and ages. The North Platte NRD covers many topics such as water, soil, plants, trees, wildlife, habitat, and many more. There are also links to our conservation education partners and programs on this page as well to help in your search. Some of the resources below are also on the Educational Links and Resources here, or more Natural Resources Links here. If you are unable to find what you are looking for feel free to contact our Forestry Technician and Community Educator Amanda Shepperd at  for more ideas or guidance. 


Learn About Your Native Nebraska Virtually 

Nebraska 4-H

Want to go on some cool virtual field trips? Join Nebraska 4-H as we go on-site to learn more about science, agriculture, technology, and more! Virtual Field Trips offer facility tours, educational experiences, and additional resources for teachers. Virtual Field Trips are perfect for youth in 9th-12th grades. Registration links will be made available one week in advance. Each session will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing. Youth do not need to be 4-H members to participate. Check it out at

Water Education Group

During this time it is always a great idea to be thankful to those that are out on the front lines of this event. The Water Education Group has developed Essential Workers Coloring Pages. Please check out their page at, or visit their home page at

Nebraska Impact

In need of a virtual classroom? check out Learning about Nebraska from home at

Project Learning Tree (PLT) Activities to do with children at home

With schools around the world temporarily closing to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we've assembled this list of (free!) PLT family activities you could share with parents to support student learning at home and in their own backyard. Please check them out at 

Nebraska Forest Service

Want to learn about the community forest? A community forest offers many benefits to the entire community. It's an investment that pays dividends for decades, and we can all contribute to it. learn more at We know it can be challenging to focus on spring planting right now, but our hope is this video and web page can be useful tools to help with planning in the weeks and months ahead. Please feel free to share and utilize these resources however you see fit.

The Nebraska Forest Service is excited to debut a video feature highlighting the importance of community forestry and sustainable landscapes in Nebraska. The video, entitled "The Community Forest," is located on our new CFSL program page at

Additional NFS Links 

Groundwater Foundation 

The Groundwater Foundation is releasing a new series of free online lessons to educate students on the science of groundwater. School closings and shelter in place orders across the country have left millions of children and students at home and in need of more online educational resources. As a response to this need, the Foundation is providing online lessons at no cost to the public.

The online lessons cover a variety of groundwater information, from basic groundwater terminology and concepts to groundwater usage, how it becomes contaminated, and how we can help protect it. The lessons consist of worksheets and videos children can do on their own, plus more involved activities to do with an adult or older sibling.

There are currently two lessons online: 1) groundwater basics and 2) the water cycle, with more lessons added each week. For educators and parents searching for more hands-on activities about groundwater, Awesome Aquifer Kits are also available through the Groundwater Foundation website. Awesome Aquifer Kits are an all-in-one educational kit with everything you need to build your own model aquifer.

Beyond School Bells

They have virtual backpacks available for students. Backpack #2 has natural resources education information: 

Natural Resource District's around the State

Below are links to some of the other 23 NRD's across the state.

 The North Platte Natural Resources District to Continue Public Education Online

The Greener Gardens Greenhouse: A Project of the North Platte Natural Resources District (NPNRD) will provide education, greenhouse, and gardening information on the Greener Gardens Greenhouse Facebook Page. This action is being taken with the consideration of current community guidelines in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The public can contact the NRD staff by phone and email, this information can be found on our website at and

Presentations for classrooms in our area, as well as tours of the greenhouse, are interrupted indefinitely, and NRD leadership will assess whether they can resume in May. Other announcements regarding dates and times for meetings and events will be publicized here and on social media avenues.