North Platte NRD Receives $750,000 Grant for Telemetry


The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) is pleased to announce its award of a $750,000 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (Trust) to expand the Data Access and Monitoring Program (DAMP). This program will provide telemetry units to producers/landowners free of charge, with the goal of reading ground water flow meters remotely.

Producers and landowners will benefit from being provided real-time information to aid in their management decisions.  Utilizing the water usage information, in addition to information that can be added on to the additional sensor ports in the unit (moisture sensors, evapotranspiration gauges, or weather data sensors) will make landowners and operators more efficient.  They will be given unique, password protected login information, and their specific data will remain private.

For more information on the project, chick here to view the press release.

Click here to visit the Nebraska Environmental Trust’s website.